Cosiness is measured not by price, but by the feelings

For many years, the Viki & King restaurant has been giving you an atmosphere of ethnic Russian cuisine. Our concept is simplicity in combining the traditions of many-sided Slavic Russian cuisine with modern European culinary trends. The openness of the Slavic soul and the uniqueness of the gifts of nature in the mastery of human hands. The philosophy of impeccable service and a culture of relaxation in intimate and welcoming Tel Aviv.

A special place for every guest

From the windows of the main hall you can watch the bustle of Tel Aviv, find something new in its architectural appearance and catch the changeable mood of streets and people. We are glad to see you every day, our restaurant is cozy for breakfasts, business lunches, for special occasions - holidays, dates and celebrations.

Cuisine and menu

National Russian cuisine is as original and distinctive as any other. It was formed under the influence of natural, social, economic and historical factors. Being one of the most colorful cuisines in the world, the Russian cuisine has the main feature - the use of a wide variety of products for cooking. Needless to say, during its long evolution, Russian cuisine absorbed the best traditions of other peoples, but, nevertheless, it managed to maintain its basis. Which we are happy to demonstrate in our restaurant.

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